Help Navigating the Map

Follow three steps to access sea level rise and coastal flooding impacts data for an individual property, neighborhood or the county as a whole. 

Step 1: Find a Location

To find an address or neighborhood, either type in an Anne Arundel County street address, or use the interactive map to zoom and pan to your location of interest. Only buildings that are identified as at possible risk of coastal flooding are highlighted on the map.

Step 2: Choose SLR Scenario and Year

There are three scenarios based on different estimations of how fast sea levels may rise in coming years: Historic Trends, Low Acceleration, and Moderate Acceleration. Click here to learn more. By clicking on a year between now through 2100, you will be able to see how flooding impacts may change over time depending on how fast sea levels rise.

Step 3: View SLR and Flooding Impact Summary

When you click on a highlighted building or neighborhood, you will see information about its risk of damage from coastal flooding and inundation at the bottom of the page.